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Compare and Contrast Essay
In today’s society the majority of the crimes are still being committed by people who have possessed a firearm that has been obtained illegally or without proper permits. That being said there has been a strong push for gun control because of the rise of shootings involving a large group of people such as the Columbine massacre, Virginia Tech shooting and latest Aurora movie theater shooting involving people who have purchased firearms legally. Gun control laws in the United States have been established for many years but to maintain a civilized society with limited crime stronger control laws need to be enforced in which will help reduce crime in our country. Establishing stronger gun control laws will educate
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Educating society can also benefit people because they will take the time to learn some history and statistics of gun use in America this helping to effectively support his or her position against an opponent towards firearms. Proper gun safety classes for firearm users will help instruct people as well as educate his or her fellow family members, friends, neighbors and other people in the community on the proper uses of firearms and the laws that surround the use of a firearm. Providing these educational classes will help many people understand the dangers that are involved with a firearm as well as the safety precautions that are involved as a firearm holder.

Reducing Accidents Involving Guns
The second step that will help gun control is mandating that people use proper storage techniques that will include government improved firearm storage such as gun safes and gun locks in which will help control who has access to the firearms and to keep them out of reach of children as well as inexperienced users. Another method that can be put in place to help society with reducing accidents involving a firearm is offering incentives such as a “gun buy-back program that offers incentives for people to turn in handguns, such as a cash payment, grocery store certificate, or concert tickets” (Hira. M. 2012 p.1). This would reduce the amount of firearms that are in possession legally and illegally thus reducing

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