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Compare / Contrast the ENISA and Commonwealth Approaches to Developing National Cybersecurity Strategies
Steven Falzone
University of Maryland University College
CSIA 360

Introduction Why is it important that every nation has a cyber security strategies? The past decade multiple company national or international have faced cyber security threats. Either sensitive government information or individual’s information has been compromised. Cyber security issues have developed into a significant national level where now it requires government consideration. In this analysis we will compare Europe and the Commonwealth on how they approach the national and international cyber security strategies.
Overview of national cyber security
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One good strategy would be to educate the low wealthy nation’s citizens (target A. , 2010). Low wealthy nations may not have the budget to keep up with technology but training and educating their citizens can be a huge help. Another good strategy is to have low wealthy nations partner up with academic institutions. Creating a bond between academic institutions and governments could help create skilled workers. According to Adam target, Certs provide service that mainly revolve around technical solutions and educating others about cyber security. Creating good cyber security policies for low wealthy nations businesses. Can also help minimize the amount of vulnerabilities a business can have. Alongside with creating policies for businesses, creating laws and regulations that help reduce cyber security threats (target A. , 2010). Cyber-crime laws can help the conviction of cyber attackers to be brought to justice. Granted in many cases cyber security laws and not caught up with cyber-attacks and threats in a punishing manner. A developing nation must determine what cyber-crimes are valid for then and criminalize them (target A. , 2010). Using free tools that are available on the Internet could help cut costs and vulnerable ability assessment tools. This is just a start for low wealthy nations to help protect themselves against cybercrime. Developing nations, must stop relying on satellite links. Developing nations spend more money on inferior satellite

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