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Compare and Contrast Paper on Christian Counseling Methods By: John M Shisler For: CCOU 201 – D10 Summer 2014 Introduction Christian counselors are doing God’s work and must use the Spiritual Gifts with which they were blessed to be able to reach their clients. While it may be difficult to always reach a client right away, when a Christian counselor can be effective and help someone understand what God desires for them, it can be a very fulfilling and satisfying experience. But the Christian counselor must know what method they plan to use with each client and figure out quickly if they need to switch methods to become more effective in reaching the client. As is the case with secular counseling, Christian Counseling has many…show more content…
As Crabb (1977) describes, Christian counselors must figure out what kind of personal worth does a client sets in themselves, how significant do that client consider themselves in the grand scheme of God’s creation, and how secure is the client in their own skin (p. 61). Every client may have a different way of defining their own personal worth, and this is something that a Christian counselor must be able to recognize. Effective Christian counselors will be able to figure out where their client feels the safest and where the client feels like they have the most significance within God’s Kingdom. Without being able to do this, it will be very difficult for a Christian counselor to effectively reach their client and initiate change within that person’s life or actions. REBT can be very effective when used in coordination with Christian counseling. Although the founder of REBT, Albert Ellis, was originally staunchly anti-religion, “his philosophical stance toward religious beliefs has somewhat softened” (Johnson, Ridley, and Nielsen, 2000). Mr. Ellis has even stated “that even devout religious commitment may be helpful for many clients” (Johnson, et. al.). This shows that even someone who originally rejects the idea of God being helpful
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