Compare and Contrast Place Where People Live and Work

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Compare and contrast Place where people live and work Student name: Li Mo (Zoe) Student number: 12209 Teacher name: Stewart Fraser Due Date: 27 April 2013 Word counts: 1005 Question: Compare and contrast attitudes towards students working part time in your country and in the U.S.A. Use specific examples and provide appropriate evidence to explain your answer. Part-time jobs now is very common for students in many countries, we can see a lot of job websites can offer various part time job for students, but there are some differences between different countries, especially China. The report will talk about part time job and compare and contrast the difference between Chinese and American…show more content…
Above all, part time job can provide both training and experience and expand your outlook. Although both Chinese students and American students work in part time, but there are lots of difference between Chinese and American part-time job. The first point is the age of part timer. All minors of China are rules by the laws thereof that they can’t work until eighteen, so most of Chinese part-timers are college students, but there is no age limit for American part-timer. American students can take part time job while they are still on height school or younger, so they often have more experiences than their peers in China. The second point is differences between their incomes. A same job, same educational background, same working time, Chinese part-timer’s income is much lower than American part-timer. The minimum wage in America is 7.25$ per hour now (, in China, according to incomplete statistics, the minimum wage in China approximately 2$ now ( reason is during the job search process, the inexperienced young who are still under graduated can’t get a good position in China, they can just do some physical work for they don’t have a high education background. The United States pays more attention to ability instead of educational background. As long as you have good skills, you will get a good job and high salary. The third point is Chinese students’ way of part time job is
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