Compare and Contrast Pride and Prejudice

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Is it possible for a film to show an audience the internal tensions between two potential lovers? Or do the details of the script, sets, costumes and cinematography block the view? For example, look at Jane Austen 's classic love story "Pride and Prejudice" as told in two very different films. While both versions correctly tell the tale of love winning out over one girl 's selfish conceit and opinionated judgments, Simon Langton 's A&E miniseries holds true in every way to the depth of the story, while Joe Wright 's 2005 feature film dances over only the popularly known highlights. The resulting views of the story and romantic tension are, of course, completely different!
Rarely in Hollywood is the filmwright known to follow an author 's
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Wright does do some really artsy and amazing things with his cameras, but they don 't seem to have too much to do with the story. He especially uses them to try to portray Darcy 's emotions (because the actor certainly doesn 't get the opportunity to), but at such odd moments and with such little clarity that you don 't really notice it until your 3rd or 4th viewing! He has a gift for developing amazing scenery shots - really - but, other than having one or the other of the actors included in the shot, they basically never have anything to do with the story. When Simon Langton, however, uses a sweeping shot of countryside, village or house - which he does many times - it absolutely, always shows us something new of a character, and not always just the one in the picture! Langton adds and adds and adds to his characters and their relationships. Never once does Langton 's audience lose track of what is building between any of his characters. So, both directors use their cameras successfully to create mood and interest of some sort or another. And, both directors do some interesting foreshadowing and story telling with their cameras. And both directors create beautiful pictures.
But did both directors combine all of this interesting cinematography with their script, sets and costumes to honestly portray the tension between two potential lovers? Can it be done? Since both the feature film and
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