Essay on Compare and Contrast Rebt and Cct

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The purpose of this paper is to present a brief comparison of the approach to psychotherapy using Client–centred therapy and Rational-emotive behaviour therapy. The Client–centred therapy and Rational-emotive behaviour therapy are both offspring’s of great personalities in the field of psychological therapy, Carl Ransom Rogers and Albert Ellis respectively. They were the creators of these fundamental therapeutic approaches, which proved to be of great importance in the development and evolution of counselling and psychotherapy. There are several commonalities between the two approaches of therapy and also some profound differences between them, such as nature of the therapist, aims, goals and strategies to name a few (Ziegler, 2000). What…show more content…
Unwanted consequences such as severe depression usually invoke a person’s irrational beliefs which require to be effectively disputed (D) by challenging them rationally and behaviourally (Ellis in Corsini & Wedding, 2008; Haaga & Davison, 1993). REBT distinguishes between the effects of rational beliefs about negative events, which give rise to healthy negative emotions, and the effects of irrational beliefs about negative events, which lead to unhealthy negative emotions. The main purpose of REBT is helping clients to replace absolutist philosophies, full of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’, with more flexible ones; these fixed statements are irrational according to Ellis 2004, and the leading cause of undesirable emotions such as anxiety and depression. These irrational thoughts require to be actively challenged and converted into “What if’s” to reduce consequences such as, emotional instability, self-doubt, feelings of disappointment in one’s self to name a few(Ellis in Corsini & Wedding, 2008). Part of this includes learning to accept that all human beings (including themselves) are fallible and learning to increase their tolerance for frustration while aiming to achieve their goals.
In addition to the ABC framework REBT also provides an insight about some primary aspects that exacerbate irrational thinking and self-damaging habituations; external events such as death, bereavement and
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