Compare and Contrast Structuralism and Functionalism

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COMPARE AND CONTRAST STRUCTURALISM AND FUNCTIONALISM In my opinion both of the theories structuralism and functionalism involved the study of the human mind and how it works and they were both concerned with the mind at the conscious level. Personally, my feel of the two is that functionalism is more important than structuralism. I believe that functionalism is far better school than structuralism as it is more flexible and scientific in nature which I can relate myself with. I happen to think that functionalism is an object that is designed to determine solely by its function. These are a few of the similarities between structuralism and functionalism. Throughout this paper I will further explore some of the differences between these…show more content…
In this laboratory, Wundt and his followers undertook the study of psychology, which to them consisted of the study of experience. (Read more about it at) This theory focused on three components which are as followed; the first one is individual elements of consciousness, second is how they organized into more complex experiences, and third is how these mental phenomena correlated with physical events. In theory, structuralism and functionalism had similarities. The most evident connection is that they both concentrated in the mental functions since in my opinion functionalisms were shaped as a response to the wounds of structuralism. Additionally, both used introspection as a technique to investigate their ideas. Having to say this it is my personal believe that there were some differences between these two schools of psychology. Functionalism was developed as a response against structuralism and I think that at the time it was considered that psychological functions could be best understood in relation to their function rather than their structure. I think that at that particular time of period the study of structuralism was based on what happens when an individual does something, and functionalism studied how and why. Functionalism developed according to evolutionary theory when structuralism focused on
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