Compare and Contrast Tennyson's The Charge of the light brigade

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Compare and Contrast Tennyson's The Charge of the light brigade with Owen's Dulce et Decorum est.

War, what does this word mean? The dictionary meaning of war is a conflict between one or more nations. Many people think war is a way of solving futile problems that rise between nations. The true meaning of war to me is the destruction of entire civilisations and of humans, war takes in brave strong and glorious men and women and spits them out as fragile haggard ruins of men and women. The gruesome stomach churning images of people being blown up, arms ripped from torso's, people bleeding to death, this is the real meaning of war to me.

These two historically accurate astounding poems where written in completely different …show more content…

Owens poem begins very dreary and sluggish this due to the use of four line sentences which creates a slow and steady pace. This sets the atmosphere and gives the feeling and image of the soldiers walking back to base camp withered and ruined. Tennyson uses short well structured lines and a fast moving rhythm and pace, which creates drama and tension. The use of repeated words "Half a league, Half a
League Half a league" creates the sensation of the light brigade charging forward. As dulce et decorum est progresses the sentences become shorter which produces a faster moving rhythm hence creating excitement and anxiety.

The imagery and words used in Owen's poem: "bent double, like old beggars under sacks, knock-kneed, coughing like hags, we cursed through sludge." Illustrates to the utmost the effects war has. These men used to be strong and brave and now after fighting in the war they have been destroyed and emasculated. The personification Tennyson uses: " the valley of death" and "the mouth of death". Portrays the valley the light Brigade attacked as terrifying and evil, thereby depicting the men of having extreme bravery.

The tone in both poems is very different from each other. In Owen's poem the tone is bitter, ironic, pessimistic, unpatriotic whereas in
Tennyson's poem it is the opposite and is celebratory, exultant and

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