Compare and Contrast Two Theories of Leadership. Do These Theories Offer Practical Guidance for Managers?

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Compare and contrast two theories of leadership. Do these theories offer practical guidance for managers?

Practice in management There has been a long debate about the functions of leadership and management. Kotter (1990) argued the goal of leadership is to pursue the adaptive and constructive changes and the purpose of management is to acquire stability and consistency. In addition, he suggested that the process of leadership is to influence others and management is to maintain operations and accomplish goals. As was mentioned earlier, the trait theory contains highly subjective perspectives. It means that the perception of leadership traits is associated with the assessment of leadership. Barry et al (2003) conducted an
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This argument could be proved by reviewing nowadays recruiting systems. It is not difficult to find that working experience has been seen as the important sources of competency and the crucial role in human resource management.
This is safe to say that when managers who exhibit this approach might include this as hiring conditions. Moreover, they also introduced environmental influences as a factor which affects management performance. In managerial situation, external factors would work as inputs and have impacts on effectiveness of organizations. For example, communication between staffs had been discussed as an element which can lead to better working performances and benign circle of management by receiving feedback and making improvement. Karp (2003) claimed that individuals can actualize their special talent by the way of skill development such as training, education and experience which signify that leadership can be secure by inspiring and encouraging through various channels. This concept has been adopted by public to set forth training programs. Such as Microsoft Cooperation, their summer intern program is the combination of recruiting and training by which they can identify individuals who are qualified and worth being cultivated. Like all other leadership theories, the trait theory and the skills theory both have

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