Compare and Contrast Windows 7 vs. Linux

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Linux vs Windows has been a subject of debate since the inception of computers. As told by Severance, (2008) LINUX was originally developed at Bell Laboratories as a private research project by a small group of people starting in 1969. Linus Torvalds, who was then a student at the University of Helsinki in Finland, developed Linux in 1991. It was released for free on the Internet and generated the largest software-development phenomena of all time (Linux's History, 2000). Today LINUX owns about 10% of the market share and this has dropped in recent years as both Windows and Linux have increased their share of the available market with Linux currently holding about 20% (Galli, 2007). As noted by Windows History (2006), many long-time PC…show more content…
Whether it be documents you need to work on, or configuration files you need to edit, or log files you need to read; you'll need to find particular files. In Windows, you use a program called Windows Explorer. There are two ways you can use Windows Explorer; with or without the folder pane. On the right-hand side of the application, you can see the contents of whatever folder you're currently looking at. Directories look like file folders — and, in Windows, “directories” are often called “folders” — and files have different icons, depending on what they are. (For example, Word documents would use the Word icon, and text files would look like Notepad icons, etc.) Double-clicking any file will open it in its default application, and double-clicking any folder will open it. If you have the folder pane open on the left, you can also navigate through directories by single-clicking any folder. Any folder that has sub-folders under it will have a plus sign beside it, clicking it will expand that folder, and show its sub-folders. If you don't have the folder pane on, there will be a different pane in its place, with various shortcuts you can use, suggested by Windows. For example, if the directory you're looking at has a lot of music files in it, there might be a link to play the music in Windows Media Player, or if there are a lot of images, there might be a link to start a slideshow. In Ubuntu, you use a program called Nautilus to look around at

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