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Compare contrast women 100 years ago and women today. I. Intro 1. Women's lives have changed enormously this century and the actions of women themselves have played a vital role in the transformation. Putting women back into history is about giving individual women their history, but it should also be about making some collective sense out of women's divergent experiences. 2. At the beginning of the century most women were invisible in society, whatever their class.. II. Clothes a. Clothes 1. 100 years Very conservative Head to toe Not comfortable 2. Women Today Barely there Comfortable(give or take) colorful b. Shoe 1. 100 years Not comfortable 2. Women Today Comfortable III. Jobs a. Opportunities 1. 100 years…show more content…
Over the course of the next 100 years, though, a variety of forces drew additional females, including mothers of very young children, into the labor force.Throughout the last century, employers particularly sought women for several rapidly growing occupations, including clerical duties, teaching, and nursing. These were jobs that men usually declined, in part because they were relatively low paying and offered little chance for advancement, and in part because they were stigmatized as "women's work." At the same time, more and more women completed the high school or college degrees necessary to hold these jobs. In the last 25 years, fields have opened up that virtually had been closed to females and vast numbers were educated in law, medicine, business, and engineering. Women's earnings increased commensurate with their education, making employment even more attractive. WOMEN'S RIGHTS. Throughout most of history women generally have had fewer legal rights and career opportunities than men. Wifehood and motherhood were regarded as women's most significant professions. In the 20th century, however, women in most nations won the right to vote and increased their educational and job opportunities. Perhaps most important, they fought for and to a large degree accomplished a reevaluation of traditional views of their role in society. Early Attitudes Toward Women Since early times women have been uniquely viewed as a creative source of human
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