Compare and Contrast a Technical Approach to Innovation

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Innovation has traditionally been seen as technical issue concerned only with machinery and systems. Compare and contrast this technical approach to innovation with the more knowledge-centred approaches discussed on this course. Your answer should draw upon case study evidence to critically assess the value of the two approaches.

Innovation is a key element of modern business. In a world full of modern industrialised nations it is essential for big business to innovate. Ed Rhodes and David Wield identify innovation as; "the implementation of new technologies" (Rhodes, E, 1994, page 79) for a firm to rise above its adversaries and create brand loyalty innovation is key. There are two fields of innovation, Ed Rhodes highlighted
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"Innovation follows science" (Chris Land, 2006, Lecture 2) scientific discoveries since the spinning jenny in the industrial revolution have changed the way our industries operate. There are many fields of science; the typical view of science is technological, biological, chemical, and physically orientated; i.e. science is tangible and therefore the widely known view of innovations relates to these tangible sciences; dyson vacuum cleaners, the spinning jenny; both technological innovations. Today, there are intangible sciences such as the science of Management, where new theories and innovations on how to motivate the workforce, organise strategies, market strategies and the management of strategic core competencies have revolutionised the industry. Knowledge innovation is creativity and logic put to strategies of how to go about doing things, opposed to technical innovation as creativity and logic put to the research and development of a new product. James Dyson said about innovation, "It 's the unlikely juxtaposition of creativity and logic which causes the wooliness and confusion around the term 'innovation '." (James Dyson, Ingenia, Issue 24, 2005, page 32)
(Chris Land, 2006, Lecture 2)

To what does knowledge innovation refer to? There are two perspectives as to how to perceive knowledge; structuralist and process
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