Compare and Contrast of Two Movie Versions of The Great Gatsby

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For example, Leonardo Dicaprio’s character of Gatsby was focused on emotions. I enjoyed that Redford was very calm and cool about everything and the way he approached the character but, Dicaprio made such an open and outgoing character which made the movie more entertaining. DiCaprio captured Gatsby’s intensity and charm and brought out the crazy mood swings and took his character and the audience to a more emotional place. Both Robert Redford and Leonardo DiCaprio had their own way of approaching the character and really selling Gatsby but Leonardo DiCaprios was better. Another reason I prefer the 2013 version of the 74’ is because of the bond and friendship Nick Carraway played by Tobey Maguire and Gatsby had MaGuire was able to bring a…show more content…
She did not act like a “fool”, but it seemed as though she wanted to be a fool so she could at least be happy if only for a while she nailed the soft-spoken voice and childish personality. I liked the way Carey showed her emotions and how sweet and innocent it came across in the movie. Joel Edgerton played the powerful and rich Tom Buchanan, he made Tom’s personality seem a lot better than Bruce Dern. Bruce Dern was very soft-spoken and it took away from his character and made him seem nasty rather than intimidating he did not have the intense emotion that Edgerton had in the scene of Myrtle’s death either, he showed a few tears which made him human and made me feel sad for him but only for a second and then I went back to not liking nor caring about him. Edgerton was able to play an amazing roll in the scene of Myrtle’s death he spoke a painful truth and appeared sympathetic the way he handled Myrtle’s death made me feel completely sad for him and I forgot about the person he truly was. Until he used manipulation towards Myrtle’s husband and basically placed the gun in his hand and telling him that someone ought to kill the person that killed Myrtle and cunning when he was telling Daisy that they should leave town to get away from all the “craziness” which easily makes him the best Tom. Elizabeth Debicki played Daisy’s professional golfer best friend, Jordan Baker in the most recent Gatsby, and she plays her role really well, Lois Chiles as

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