Compare and Contrast the Meaning of Health Who 1946 as Well as Health as a Commodity

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Health is liberty from ache in the physical body, a condition of being healthy, freedom from fervor on an emotional plane , ensuing in a lively condition of tranquility and peace; and liberty from egotism in the psychological circle, as a result having a total union with the surroundings. World Health Organization's (WHO) constitution defines health as "a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity" (WHO, 1992). Although it is quite certain that no one can be perfectly healthy and cannot attain the entirety of health. Health should be treated like a commodity these days as it is a necessity. But the health department is neglected these days and thus it is
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doctors who treat charity cases. And billions of people are underinsured. Many Medical Insurance Companies have suffered setbacks and therefore went in bankruptcy directly affecting the people insured by them. More is spent on medicines then on primary care. Health care has become more of a profitable sector than of a community service. Health has been a major concern for the bankruptcies of a billion people. David Seedhouses' work an important theorist helped to change the theoretical examination of health care from an unimportant activity to a must for knowledgeable thinking and a responsible practice. His book analyses health in depth and is easy for whoever is involved in giving or getting ethical health care. The state of complete psychological, physical and social comfort is defined as health by World Health Organization. It does not purely signify nonexistence of disease and frailty. This theory strives to take in all attributes of the person which are given equal weighting. It also has a bonus benefit of demonstrating the recognition, through the use of term well-being that there is more health than absence of sickness. This, then, is a theory with a very wide extent, which seeks to move away from the biotechnical perspective, in direction of a more all-inclusive evaluation of health. Health is a right for all the people and it's an ideal state while nowadays it is been sold as a commodity by private insurance companies to