Compare and Contrast the Work of Harlow and Skinner Essay

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Compare and contrast the approaches of Skinner and Harlow to investigating influences on behaviour.

This essay will cover a wide range of material to identify, compare and contrast the work of Harry Harlow and Burrhus Frederick Skinner. Harlow and Skinner did research and investigated the influences on behaviour; this essay will draw upon both investigations. Further into the essay it will identify some similarities and differences into both researches with a supported argument about the importance and implications of both studies. The essay will then conclude with a conclusion on the findings. Behaviour can be describes in many forms and ways. According to the dictionary ‘Behaviour is the manner in which one behaves, the actions
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Further into the research when the terry cloth surrogate got taken out of the cage the monkeys would become highly distressed. The findings of Harlow’s research proved that Bowlbys contention was right, the infant parent bond was based on inmate tendencies and not cupboard love, as when the surrogate mother was placed in the cage with no milk the babies would still be attached. Harlow’s study and research went on for 20 years in which the experiments took on a disturbing unethical approach. He started breeding monkeys and keeping them in separate cages with no visual or physical access to the outside world, ‘when the isolation-reared monkeys grew up, they developed into highly socially disturbed adults” (Discovering Psychology, chapter 5, pg. 209). Influenced by human attachment to abusive parents Harlow wanted to find out if an abusive surrogate would break the attachment, a nasty surrogate mum was used and a blast of cold air from the surrogate was used, violent enough to throw the baby monkey against the bars of the cage. ‘Despite this abuse, the baby monkeys continued to cling and maintain proximity to their monstrously abusive surrogate mother’ (Discovering

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