Compare and Contrast to "Desiree's Baby" by Kate Chopin and "Hills Like White Elephants" by Earnest Hemingway

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To some people a baby can be the best thing that ever happened to them, but then there are others who have decisions to make. They will go through an important stage in any relationship, the make it or break it stage. The two stories that I will be analyzing will be “Desiree’s Baby” by Kate Chopin and “Hills like White Elephants” by Earnest Hemingway. In both stories the characters found out how babies can be a deciding factor in a relationship, and that’s what I will be focusing on. In “Desiree’s Baby” the morale of the story is “we often get into trouble when we assume” (Mayer, Gary H.). The husband even though he claimed to have loved his wife rejected her in a time of need, the result of it he ends up losing his wife and son. When the…show more content…
Never in anybody’s time should you ever put someone else first before over yourself. Doing that just leads down a road of destruction, and then the fact that this whole conversation is about abortion they probably should just get rid of it because she could just end up alone. Jig sounds as if she has no will or fight in her so she probably shouldn’t take care of a child. The baby in this story played a huge role for its future possible parents. The couple had to make a decision that if it were the wrong one could have broken them up, or made their relationship a happy one. Both “Desiree’s Baby” and “Hills like White Elephant” realized their mistakes and tried and wished they could have corrected them. Babies shouldn’t be left the burden on people lives but that’s where they are placed at times. But it just makes you think to times where it wasn’t a good time to have kids or the situations that these people were placed in that made their children a downfall and a burden instead of a gift or a miracle. Bibliography Busch, Frederick. “On Hills Like White Elephants.” Norton Anthology of Short Fiction. Ed. R. V. Cassill et al. 6th ed. New York: Norton, 2000. 761–62. Mayer, Gary H. “A Matter of Behavior a Semantic Analysis of Five Kate Chopin Stories.” January 2010. 94-100 Rankin, Paul. “Hemingway’s Hills like White Elephants.” Hinds Community College. Heldref

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