Compare and contrast India and China's population

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China and India are the two countries that have the highest population in the world. Both countries have realised that family planning and population control had to happen around the 1950's for India and the 1970's for China. This essay will seek to compare and contrast China and India, focusing on what the major problems facing both are, why have they both had to implement policies regarding population control, and the long-term and short-term effects that these policies have on the two countries.

The major problem concerning China is over population. Due to overpopulation, the demand for energy to light every house and for petrol to fuel every car is becoming too great. With added pressure of providing for the people, more natural
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Around the 1950s, India was the first country to officially establish a family planning program. This program made birth control information to become more readably available. India's government saw big families leading to continued poverty, and poverty hindering economic progress. Just as with China, India saw foresaw that the country would not be able to feed the masses of people, and the country would eventually use up all of its resources and the population would ultimately breed themselves out of existence. Up until the 1970's, the government used no aggressive force to promote the use of contraceptives or sterilisations. They increased medical care and access to hospitals, and provided education for family planning. In the 1970's the government declared India to be in a "state of emergency". Medical workers went out into the slums and poorer regions of India and forcibly sterilised women. The medics were rewarded for how many women they were able to sterilise.

An effect that the one child policy has had on China is the improvement of the economy. When there was a larger population than there is now, the economy was suffering. Since the one child policy has had time to take effect, the population has shrunk and the economy can support the population. A negative effect that this policy has had on the Population is that there is an uneven balance of boys and girls. Female infanticide is
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