Compare and contrast the War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War.

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The War of 1812 and the Mexican-American War are two wars that physically appear two opposites. The War of 1812 involves plenty of naval battles and a few major land battles, while the Mexican-American War involves numerous land battles and few, if any, naval battles. However there are numerous similarities.

The War of 1812, The US saw Great Britain as a major problem because of their definition of "contraband" and the impressment of American sailors into the British Navy. And around this time the "warhawks" are elected to the House of Representatives. They wanted war because the British were supplying the Indian with guns and ammunition and encouraging Indian trouble.

William Henry Harrison is sent west to face off against Indian
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Us Commander Thomas McDonough rigs his ships with 2 anchors enabling them to fire nonstop without pivoting, he drives the British back to Canada.

First Campaign led by General Zachary Taylor, his army moves south across the Rio Grande, winning ever battle, and by the end of 1846 controls northern Mexico. General Stephan Kearney and a force of 1700 men were ordered to capture the relatively unpopulated provinces of New Mexico and California. He captures Santa Fe without a fight, the capital of the province of New Mexico. He joins up with rebelling Americans under the command of John C Fremont and by February 1847 the US controls all of California.

So in the War of 1812 America is utterly unsuccessful in gaining any land, however in the Mexican American War all the land we hoped for at the beginning of the war we have almost no problem in obtaining. We were so successful in the Mexican American war that the Mexican government invite Santa Ana to come back because of the incompetence of their current generals. However, one big similarity is the creation of extremely popular war heroes. Andrew Jackson in the war of 1812, and later on Zachary Taylor in the Mexican American War.

On August 24, 1814 - British troops land in Maryland and attack Washington D.C. It is captured. The burn the White House and Capital Building. Next day a tornado hits D.C. British leave Washington because the spot isn't strategic, the move and attack Baltimore;

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