Compare and contrast the developmental life span theories

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Urie Bronfenbrenner perspective on lifespan development was the bio-ecological approach which suggest that five levels if the environment simultaneously influence indviduals. He tagged different aspects or levels of environment that influences a child’s development. Urie Bronfenbrenner five major systems are called microsystem; which is everyday immediate environment in which children lead their daily lives. Second is the mesosystem; which provides connections between the various aspects of the microsystem. Third is the exosystem; It represents broader influences, encompassing societal institutions such as local government, the community, schools, churches, and the local media. Fourth is the macrosystem; and it represents the larger…show more content…
James Marcia developed what he called the identity status. Marcia used the term identity status to label and describe four unique developmental identity stations or points. Each identity status represents a particular configuration of youth 's progress with regard to identity exploration and commitment to the values, beliefs, and goals that contribute to identity. The identity status consisted of four systems, the
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