Compare how the theme of childhood is presented in the poems Half Past Two and Hide and Seek

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00004629150-489839008 0008 -1143000233616500-11430001650365Drama Response to A Doll’s House 0Drama Response to A Doll’s House -11430006793865Siham Shaddad Siham Shaddad A Doll’s House Henrik Ibsen wrote the script of the play “A Doll’s House” in 1879 and was first performed shortly later that year in Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Denmark. The three-act play depicts and criticizes the typical role of men and women nineteenth century marriage. The play was inspired by a real-life story. The production consists of three acts with total time duration of 2 hours and 24 minutes. The production in this report is performed by the Young Vic production. The play was captured live at the Young Vic theatre in London, on 17th and…show more content…
Subsequently Anna Maria had to send the youngster away when she was presented a job watching after young Nora Anna Maria Was forced to limit the natural instinct of parenthood for the sake of her own survival At the end of the play when Nora leaves, She also leave the children in the care of the nurse which offers the nurse three children of her own. Relationship -11430005143500 Theme Money Wealth was very important aspect sociologically in the nineteenth century; it determined whether you were in the upper, middle or lower class. In the play Money play an important part for mainly the Helmers. Torvald is the support of civilization since he works in a bank. Though Money seems to lend him a social lawfulness. It was Ibsen’s idea to set the play in Christmas since it allows the examination of sloppiness of wealth. Morality Morality played an enormous part is the play, it showed the behavior for each of the character for example “ Nora’s Mistake is complicated in that it may be socially reprehensible but it is morally good. She loves her husband and did the best for him and yet this act id deemed illegal”. That paragraphed showed Nora did that ‘Mistake’ for her husband, which shows and proves how much she loves him. Feminism A doll’s House is often considered a feminist play because of Nora’s defense of her uniqueness
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