Compare the Business Model for Et Wal-Mart and Amazon

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Compare the business model for ET Wal-Mart and Amazon

Compare and What characteristics are shared? That are unique to and for that?

Going to both websites at first glance I noticed many similarities between and Both sites are online merchants that have been made by an identical model, where the menu of product categories on the left page margin. has 13 product categories or departments, as they call it on the page while has 12 categories (departments) and the last category, called christmas shop which means a category where there are seasonal products. In the middle of the page at the top of both sites have search engines for products that
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Walmart is known for its innovative solutions in retail, logistics and distribution of goods which reduces the cost of procurement of goods and thus can offer its customers the very low prices which are eventually reflected in the global success of Walmart, and I think it is really a great opportunity for innovation in walmart will take very good for success in the online market.
Walmart's knowledge of the market is its wide range of customers who buy at retail are very big advantage compared to and a very good foundation for success in the online market to Walmart in the near future to take advantage and become the market leader of online sellers. Factor that currently limits the growth and development of the Walmart stores is limited to the place of delivery, ie they do not deliver their goods to customers outside the U.S. and I think there are very large room for improvement at least to start in those countries where they are present and their physical stores .

View shopping offer at, compared with an offer in on!

Shopping offers at both sites was quite the same, and the difference in the offer. Differences exist in the organization of individual product categories. Both sites are categorized their products in similar categories, which is pretty much: ingredients for everyday consumption, electronic equipment, household goods and tools, books, music,

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