Compare the Lib vs Google Article

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Compare the Lib vs Google Article
Jemma Sweezy
Northern Arizona University
Contemporary Dental Hygiene Professional Issues
Diane Paz
September 25, 2013
Comparison and contrast of the two articles I chose which are both on the same topic but from two different sources. From the Cline Library, the first article I chose was, “Review of the evidence for oral health promotion effectiveness,” which is from the Health Education Journal. The other article is titled, “A systemic review of the effectiveness of health promotion aimed at improving oral health” which I Google and found in Community Dental Health. Both articles have the same objectives in promoting research, understanding and assessing
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The method from Health Education Journal was based on collecting and evaluating evidence, “…using a combined approach incorporating the Cochrane Public Health and Health Promotion Field Handbook and the Health Gains Notation in order to a develop a synthesis approach to reporting,” (Satur et al., 2010). However, Community Dental Health utilized electronic searching, iterative-hand searching, critical appraisal and data synthesis in which the primary research reviewed settings were at clinical, community, schools or other institutions in which children, elderly, people with handicaps and disabilities were the participants. Another difference in both articles is the conclusions. Community Dental Health concluded that the use of fluoride is efficient in reducing caries through oral health promotion, chairside oral health promotion is shown to be effective; however mass media programs have not. On the other hand, the article from Health Education Journal states that even though there is a respectable support in incorporating the oral health into the general health promotion, it is vital to observe the outcomes in oral health terms.
Although both articles fell under the Filtered Resources in the Level Research Pyramid, Community Dental Health is under Critically-Appraised Individual Articles: Bandolier because it was published in the UK and
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