Compare the Methods Armitage and Duffy Use to Convey Their Ideas About

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Compare the methods Armitage and Duffy use to convey their ideas about change in the poems you have read so far. Both Carol Ann Duffy and Simon Armitage use a range of methods in their exploration of the theme of change. Duffy 's poems tend to be more personal although in her poems about change, such as 'Pluto ' and 'The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form Team ' she writes in a male voice which then distances her from the speaker. Armitage writes more universal poems, few of which are written of personal experiences in the first person. Both write about change in a mostly negative manner, particularly seen in 'Pluto ', 'The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form Team ' and 'Afterword. The use of form and…show more content…
Duffy uses italics again here to highlight quiz questions, answers and sounds. This breaks up the rhythm of the poem which could be a reflection of the speaker 's dissatisfied attitude to his current state and how his mind is still in the past before the change to his life occurred. Duffy again uses organised stanzas in 'Before You Were Mine ' which are five lines long and each is end stopped. The way the poem is told is unusual as it is talking about the future from the perspective of a child before that child was born. The change in the poem is therefore told from a different and unusual angle. This method compares how the speaker 's mother was to how she is now. Both Armitage and Duffy use register and lexis to give their poems a certain feel. In 'The Captain of the 1964 Top of the Form Team ' Duffy uses words with connotations such as 'satchel ' and mentions icons such as the 'Supremes ' in order to give the poem a 1960s feel. This highlights the change from 'then ' to 'now '. The poem has a negative view towards change shown in its negative tone and register. The speaker is bitter about how his life has turned out. This is revealed in Duffy 's lexical choice such as referring to his children as 'thick ' only because they do not know what their father does. Duffy distances this poem from herself by using a man as the speaker and therefore making the poem more universal. They also both use an
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