Compare the Philosophies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X

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Compare the philosophies of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcolm X. how their goals for the

African American community similar and/or different? How their strategies for reaching

those goals similar and/or different?

During the past century there were two influential people Martin Luther King, Jr. and

Malcolm X who grappled with the problem of inequality between black and white people. They

both wanted to bring hope to blacks in the US through their powerful, hard-hitting speeches, but

the methods and styles they followed were completely different from each other. While one

followed non-violence, peaceful way for bringing racial harmony, the other encouraged his

followers to rise up and protest
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He wanted to black get an independent

existence where everyone would get the voting power to express their political opinion as the

white could do. He wanted the black people to be treated as the white citizen in the US not along

with the identity of Negro. He called the people to become “politically matured” to have their

rights for voting, and if they can’t “cast a ballot,” they are gong to “cast a bullet.”

Although King and Malcolm X both trued to infused power and strength within the

black community, King was inclined to look through rose-colored spectacles to achieve the goal

whereas Malcolm X had a different perspective. King wished that “one day every valley shall be

exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low. The rough places will be made plane, and

the crooked places will be made straight” (2459) He dreamt “to work together,” “to pray

together,” “to struggle together,” to got to jail together,” “to stand up for freedom together”.

(2459) On the contrary, Malcolm X didn’t “see any American dream;” he “saw an American

nightmare.”(2470) He fought against the conspiracy of the white and wanted to make them

aware of the fact that the eyes of the black people were not closed. He wanted to expose the

hypocrite white society in front of the world. He wanted to promote the philosophy of Black

Nationalism by removing “the evils, the vices, alcoholism, drug addiction, and other
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