Compare the Quality Management of Mcdonald's Restaurants and Kentucky Fried Chicken

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A) The Management of internal culture, morale and development of staff

As business evolves and customer service standards are set ever higher, it is no longer possible for the training of frontline staff to concentrate solely on providing specific skill sets or outlining required practices in the workplace. Nowadays, employees must also be shown how to develop the desired mindset, so that they can then be trusted to use their initiative when solving problems and interacting with clients.
Both McDonald and KFC are focus on promoting the quality customer services in order to foster the customer oriented mindset to their staff as company culture. Continuous learning, quality training and staff development are also the key success elements
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Last year, a team of 11 outstanding crewmembers became part of the Olympic Champion Crew, representing McDonald 's at the Beijing Olympics.

Moreover, to encourage teamwork and communication, there are also a number of employee-centric programmes in which staff is invited to submit feedback and comments to management.

For the efforts of staff development, McDonald was presented the following awards.

- Best Employer Award by global human resources consulting firm Hewitt Associates. - Labour Department 's Enlightened Employers Award - Hong Kong HR (Human Resources) Awards for Best Training, Learning and Development in 2008. - The Hong Kong Council of Social Service also awarded McDonald 's the Caring Company logo for six consecutive years from 2004 to 2009.

B) Partnership of Suppliers

The appropriate partnership with suppliers was an important factor in success of fast food chain like McDonald and KFC. However, both companies are applied the totally different concept to maintain the quality and relationship with their suppliers, which are proved successful.


McDonald 's imported its concept of outsourcing supply chain functions. McDonald understands that the tastiest food can only be made from foodstuff of the highest quality. They maintain a policy of the strictest quality control with regard to all raw materials
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