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Compare/Contrast Two Literary Works Sara M. Suarez ENG 125 Professor Andrea Moak September 3, 2012 The two literary works that I chose to compare and contrast for this paper are I Used to Live Here by Jean Rhys and The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. Symbolism of the journey is in both of these written works and I feel that it makes them both stronger and more appealing to the reader. When pieces of literature are able to touch a reader and make them feel alive I think that the author is doing a fantastic job getting his message across. In The Road Not Taken, I feel like Robert Frost is trying to play with each individual reader a little. By naming this poem The Road Not Taken I think it is a metaphor for our everyday…show more content…
I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. I know that I can relate to this poem on a day to day basis, either in a good way or in a bad way. A sigh for me can be good or bad, either I did or did not do my homework or assignment that is due. That sigh can represent guilt or relief, depending on whether I turned in my work or not. I Used to Live Here by Jean Rhys is about a young girl who is standing on the bank of the river and remembering her life. In this short story she is describing her journey back to her house and remembering everything in the exact detail that it happened, especially the stepping stone that caused her death. She refers to the last stepping stone as ‘unsafe’. After reading this I came to the conclusion that she has been dead for quite some time now. Her spirit had finally just risen and decided it was time to go back home. When she was taking her usual route back home she was saying the scenery was different to her, everything was wider and glassier. Over time a town can change due to improvements needed, and at some point everything is bound to change. As she arrives to her home she notices children, she tries calling out to them but they cannot hear her. As she gets closer, one of the kids mention that suddenly it is cold and they go into their home. That is the exact moment she finally notices that she is dead. This short story is a great example of realizing what is there, even though it isn’t clear

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