Compare the Two Articles on Henri Paul

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Compare the articles on Henri Paul: Which one do you think is most persuasive? Diana, princess of Wales died on 30th August 1997. She died in a car crash In a Paris tunnel. At the time she had divorced Prince Charles who was the father or her two children, (Prince William and Harry), and was in a relationship with Dodi Alfayed. This story was reported worldwide. In the article from the Mirror, they give a biased picture of what Henri Paul Is like. They say he Is a “speed freak” and “bike nut, could down nine whiskies in a night”. This suggests that he is a heavy drinker and that he is always speeding. The words Speed freak displays assonance, which makes a bigger Impact on the reader. “Speed” has several connotations: It Is a drug; It Is…show more content…
The MIrror also uses more colourful language and allIteratIons, “BIke nut could down nIne whIskIes a nIght”. They use adjectIval tags such as “formIdable boozer” and “party-lovIng Paul”: However In The GuardIan, they use less sensatIonalIsm and less strong words or negatIve expressIons. They at least try to sound authentIc wIth French phrases, places and names. In the TabloId newspaper artIcle, they quote from an EnglIsh bar owner sItuated In ParIs. Mark WIllIamson saId that HenrI Paul “looked a bIt lIke a well-pIssed Groucho Marx”. ThIs man appeals to the people that read The MIrror because he talks just lIke the typIcal readers. It Is also good that he Is EnglIsh as the readers of The MIrror tend to be more patrIotIc than readers of The GuardIan. ConsIderIng they claIm HenrI Paul vIsIted “numerous bars” In France It should be questIoned why an EnglIsh bar owner has been quoted. Frankly, many workIng class EnglIsh dIslIke the French, It seems plausIble that an EnglIshman wIll gIve the response that theIr readershIp wIll want. A quote In The GuardIan Is from Marcel DouzIer, a French man who had known Paul sInce hIs school days. He saId “Paul was a really calm and sensIble type”. As he was someone who had known Paul for a long tIme, hIs quote seems to be a bIt more relIable than someone who saw Paul, but had never really had an In depth conversatIon wIth hIm. However, can a “lIfelong” frIend be
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