Compare the Ways the in Which the Writers of Flight and Compass and Torch Show Characters Coming to Terms with Growing Up.

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Compare the Ways the in which the Writers of Flight and Compass and Torch show Characters coming to terms with growing up.

Growing up will always be a greatly discussed topic for writers, regardless of genre, time period or their own personal experiences. Stories about growing up have been a part of fiction throughout history, with great authors such as J.M Barrie, CS Lewis and even Stephen King adding their own contributions. The pieces discussed in this essay have very different views on growing up and are told from very different perspectives. One from an elderly man wishing his granddaughter would stay young forever and one from a young boy trying to be much older then his respective years.

Flight, by Doris Lessing, is the
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‘I was married at seventeen and I never regretted it (said his daughter),
Liar’ he said. ‘Liar. Then you should regret it,’ implies that the daughter’s was an unhappy marriage in the eyes of the Grandfather or at least she was too young and he wishes his granddaughter could avoid her mistake. If the writer had included what had happened, we might sympathise with either the Grandfather or his daughter but it is left out, as it is not a story about fact, it is a story about the Grandfather’s feelings and that would distract from the point.

Baines is much stricter with what information she gives the reader, but there is a very clear aim to her lack of detail. The only name we are given is that of Jim the step dad, the members of the family are nameless. The divorce details are left out. The reason why the dad has been absent and his current relationship status is unknown. All of this undefined detail creates the ability for the reader to relate to the story easier and attach their own experiences. In one instance, a fellow student found herself empathising with the mother, who is not the warmest of the characters, as she knows how she feels when allowing her own child to visit her father. This was Baines’s aim, the fact that the dad is the very archetype of the strong male character type and the boy, a very familiar personality to anyone with experience of eight year old boys trying to impress someone, all help the story be more
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