Compare the works of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas Essay

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Compare the works of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas showing whether or not their poems differ in themes and style

The poems of William Wordsworth and R L Thomas are written on the same themes, people, and the landscape but in different styles. William
Wordsworth is a romantic poet that writes about the splendour of the world in a positive way while R S Thomas writes about the hardship of the world and attacks modern life and technology. I will compare 'The
Solitary Reaper' by William Wordsworth with R L Thomas' 'Tramp' as well as Wordsworth's 'On Westminster Bridge' with 'Cynddylan on a
Tractor' by Thomas.

'The Solitary Reaper' is a 32 line, three-stanza poem about a lonely woman in the Scottish mountains. The style in
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'Tramp' is about the realisation of the contrasts between the poor and middle class people:

"My dreams are haunted;

Are his dreams rich."

In this quote, he compares the dreams of a middle class to a poor man's dream. The middle class man dream is likely to be negative because he has everything he wants in reality and can not dream for more, so has to dream that he has less or no wealth and/or in danger.
However, because the poor man has not got anything solid and faces death more often than the middle class man and so his dream are presumably very positive to reverse his harsh reality. The poor man dreams about a suitable home, some amounts of money and a family to support him.

R S Thomas' poem uses metaphorically presentations, with one being when he says that the tramp looks down and while the middle class person looks up.

"He looks at his feet,"

"I look at the sky."

This, under the surface, implies about the tramp's and middle class man's position in society. It conveys the low, dismal, ashamed life of the tramp that is ashamed to stare anyone in the face and compares it with the middle class man's high, bright future.

The two previous poems are different in themes and style. 'The
Solitary Reaper' is slower in rhythm and flows more with an ending line that closes the poem and is written for people who like long

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