Compare two short stories where the characters face difficult

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Compare two short stories where the characters face difficult situations We are comparing the stories ‘Flight’ by Doris Lessing and ‘Your shoes’ by Michele Roberts. They both deal with the issue of daughters leaving home and how it affects the whole family. In ‘Flight’, the granddad is affected most severely but in ‘Your Shoes’, it is the mother. ‘Your Shoes’ is written in a first person narrative from the mother’s perspective. ‘Flight’ is written in the third person. The main theme of the stories is growing up and letting go/ moving on.

In ‘Fight’ the granddad is overprotective of the granddaughter and she craves freedom from him and the atmosphere of the house she has grown up in. Her granddad makes her feel that getting
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This description of the youth is from the granddad’s perspective so could easily be an exaggeration of the truth. At the end of the story, however, the granddaughter begins to cry, ‘…tears run shivering off her face …’ which shows that she is remorseful that she neglected her granddad in favour of the youth.

In ‘Your Shoes’ the mother deals with her daughter leaving home by trying to lock herself away from the world rather than her daughter, but she describes how when her daughter was there she was overprotective, although she didn’t see herself that way. She shows this by her treatment of the shoes that symbolise her daughter throughout the story, ‘I locked the wardrobe on those rebellious shoes.’ The mother’s monologue is the entire story, and throughout it she becomes increasingly nervous and irrational. At the very end she goes into what seems to be a mental breakdown, ‘I knew you’d come back, I knew you’d come back to me’, although the daughter has not come home.

In ‘Flight’, I think the author is trying to say that if you hold something too tight then they will try and rebel against you, but if your let it have freedom then it will return. She does this through symbolism, using the pigeon as a symbol of the granddaughter. In
‘Flight’ the granddad lets the pigeon free, for a few minutes, to spread its wings, which shows that the granddad is willing to do the same for the granddaughter as long as she comes back. I think the
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