Compared To The Ten Commandments

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The Ten Commandments explains how we should live our lives to return to Heaven. The entire document explains why God is mad at the people and what they should do to be better. 8Once he is done stating what the commandments are to Moses, Moses then goes to declare this to the people and that they should not fear God. The document then goes to say that the people should not make images or statues of gold and silver. The people should make Him, or God, an altar to make peace offerings, but it is to be made of whole stone (Joshua 8: 30, 31). The sacrifices of sheep and oxen are to be the first born and unblemished; natural. On the last verse it is saying that God said he wanted not stairs to the altar, but more of a ramp so that their “nakedness be not discovered”. Maat was a Goddess for justice and truth, for the people of high and low Egypt. Throughout the beginning of the document it proclaims who Maat is and how she ruled. It shows what kind of person she was by these rules. She ruled with a heart of peace and kindness, hoping for innocence and harmony. Maat did have some laws that were repeated, although they had something to add. Compared to the Ten Commandments Maat’s laws was more of a society law to a way of life and how to live. The laws of Maat are for justice and truth and to live in peace.

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This document compared to the others was pretty short and went straight to the point. The others had a story and something to tell with their laws, but this one just
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