Comparing 1984 'And Brave New World'

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Maritza Schulz
Period 5
Comparative Essay

If people give the government or leadership enough power, they will surely take it and try to make the most of it. People are letting these governments change the way they think, feel, see and act. They have a way to control what their community can see on the news and in advertisements. They are able to manipulate all of the people for their own good. As well as their own selfish reasons. Forcing the way a society acts as well as lives as a whole isn’t humane or even a realistic proposition on the government's part. In the book 1984, the people of Oceania are constantly being watched by technology and even by the adult’s children, no one is safe from keeping secrets or speaking freely about how they feel. While reading Brave New World, one will realize that it’s not so different. The government is just controlling their citizens and brainwashing them. Both books show how they are being watched. In Brave New World they are watched differently because of the groups they are put into and where they
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There is always someone there that will ruin their “plans”. Human beings, no matter how hard someone tries to take it away, have a mind of their own; they have their own thoughts, feelings, emotions, and beliefs on any and everything. There will always be a rebel against they way one or multiple people's’ views. The ending’s in both 1984 and Brave New World are ending to a none humanity living world to a change into humanity, since that seems to be one of the only ways to live. Yet, the two books are similar because of how they want to control everyone’s feelings a lives, keeping them secluded from the truth, and lastly not allowing their true feelings and thoughts to come out. Trying to force a society how to act as a whole just to attempt a flawless way of life isn’t a humane, nor realistic thing that is remotely
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