Comparing A London Fete and Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged

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Comparing A London Fete and Clever Tom Clinch Going to be Hanged

This essay will contrast the two poems ‘A London Fete’ written by
Coventry Patmore and ‘Clever Tom Clinch Going To Be Hanged’ by
Jonathan Swift. Both of these poems are about the hangings in the 17th-18th century. A London Fete was written in the 18th century, whereas Clever Tom
Clinch was written in the 17th century. This could have made a slight variation in what the poet had written because of the time variation.
For instance nowadays we are more civilised because of the new laws have been brought in.

Although both of the poems were written about hangings, A London Fete was more persistent on the crowd’s behaviour and response rather than the condemned
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I think that the crowd reacted the way they did is because everything adapts to its environment. So going back to the title it’s showing that the crowd is having a tremendous time.

The title ‘Clever Tom Clinch’ is ironic because the word ‘Clever’ is used to describe Tom Clinch. In reality I believe that Tom Clinch is attempting to be clever whereas if he were intelligent he would have never been caught in the first place. ‘His waistcoat and stockings and breeches were white’ this could have shown that he was witty because his garments were white which associates with an angel. He considered that he could have swindled them into believing that he was innocent.

Jonathan Swift wrote the poem Clever Tom Clinch using swift and dexterous movements. He had also used rhyming couplets throughout the poem. My opinion for why the poet decided to do this is because when the reader is reading, he is reading in a continuous rhythm and flow.
This helps the reader to carry on reading. Clever Tom Clinch has been written in the form of a ballad, which means that there is a narrator, which is telling you what is happening throughout the poem. For instance, ‘As Clever Tom Clinch, while the rabble was, rode stately through Holborn, to die in his calling’. The poet is telling us that
Tom Clinch was going through Holborn, and that the

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