Comparing A Room Of One's Own By Virginia Woolf And Homemade Education

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There is a theme relating to education that is present in both the excerpt from A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf and “Homemade Education” by Malcolm X. The theme is concerning how education is a powerful and important asset, yet is hard to receive for certain people, especially when one is looked down upon by society. In these two texts, the characters, Judith and Malcolm, relate by never having normal education opportunities due to oppression from society, yet were in different time periods and learned the value of education at different times in their lives, which is what makes the two stories differ. Each writer delivers a clear view of the similarities and differences experienced within the theme through examples and reasoning.
The society being the reason behind the education, or lack thereof, the characters in the texts received is a similarity between the two works. A formal education is typically received by the white people and men of the stories. Each character yearns to receive a quality education, as well as to not be looked down upon by society or to be deemed less talented or stupid simply because of how they were born. It is said that “To have lived a free life in London in the sixteenth century would have meant for a woman who was poet and playwright a nervous stress and dilemma which might well have killed her,” (Woolf). Woolf purposely says life would be as such “for a woman” because men were not treated homogeneously. Women were the only gender to
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