Comparing A Sorrowful Woman By Gail Godwin, And A Secret Sorrow By Karen Van Der Zee

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Children, Marriage and Love are the three main factors of the two short stories, “A Sorrowful Woman” by Gail Godwin, and “A Secret Sorrow” by Karen van der Zee. Two relationships at risk because of children. Neither of them know what to do but try to find solutions to solve their problems. They end up having different outcomes.
In both stories both women face a major issue. In Godwin’s story the main female character is suffering depression and always feeling sad and tired from being around her child and taking care of him and her husband. However, Faye in van der Zee’s story is struggling with her reality of not being able to have children and she’s afraid of marrying her boyfriend, who is madly in love with her, because she’s afraid of disappointing him. Both women are unsure how to handle their problem and their first instinct is to keep their distance and avoid their issues. Communication also played a huge role in both situations. In “A Secret Sorrow” Kai wouldn’t let Faye just walk away from him without knowing what was wrong and wanted an explanation. That was the main key for their breakthrough. In “A Sorrowful Woman” the husband would just agree with whatever his wife said and would abide by her commands no matter how much it hurt him. If the husband would’ve tried to figure out why she was so sad and sick; things might’ve gone differently.
In van der Zee’s story Kai made Faye’s tragedy his tragedy and made sure to let her know they were going through it together.

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