Comparing AT&T and Verizon from the Customer Perspective

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Comparing AT&T versus Verizon from the Customer Perspective Introduction Both AT&T and Verizon are exceptional in their reliance on social media, websites and e-commerce systems to attract, sell and serve customers. Each of these companies also has designed each element of the customer experience, from being in their stores to look at their latest phones to purchasing additional services online from the standpoint of accuracy, ease of use and speed. In evaluating each of these two companies as a consumer, several insights immediately were apparent. As each of these company's stores' are designed to minimize the wait times for existing customers while also making the process of getting started as a new customer relatively easy. This is a big improvement from just five years ago, where it was common to walk by the Verizon store visited for example and see a long line of customers out the front door. Clearly Verizon has been able to get more of their customers onto their website to complete transactions, based on personal observation. AT&T's store, also in a local shopping area, also shows comparable improvements over the last five years. Comparing AT&T versus Verizon What is immediately apparent when comparing these companies from a customer perspective is how much more comprehensive AT&T is in the breadth and depth of services they offer. AT&T makes it clear they are in four major businesses including wireless, wire line or traditional telephone service, advertising
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