Comparing Adam Savage's Obsession With Fantasy And Science Fiction

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Adam Savage was a regular geek growing up. Adam did not have many friends and had an obsession with movies involving fantasy and science fiction. After receiving an ice cream bucket from Baskin Robbins and a refrigerator box from a random house in his neighborhood, he made himself a space helmet and ship. He claims that was how he became the geek that he is today. Later on in his life him and his father went to go see the movie Excalibur, and after seeing that he made knight armor just from materials that he had in his home. He then asked his father if he could help him make an actual knight armor costume for him to wear during Halloween. After several months of gathering materials and coming up with their own designs, Adam and his father were able to make the armor of his dreams. He never was able to get a picture of the armor because when he wore the suit to school on Halloween, he passed out due to heat exhaustion. When he woke up in the nurse’s office, he was no longer wearing his armor and never saw it…show more content…
I see people that I met several years ago current day at conventions. There are also celebrities from movies or television shows that you can pay to meet. I have met some of my favorite actors from going to conventions. The reason that Adam was invited to Comic Con was because of his show Myth Busters. Since he recreates many famous scenes from popular movies, the show is something that many geeky people enjoy watching. I watched the Star Wars special where they tested if things that happened in the movie would actually work in reality. There is a scene where Luke and Leia are running away from Stormtroopers and they need to swing to the other side of a room using a grappling hook. Savage and his partner on the show made a replica of the situation that was in the movie and tried to see if they could swing from the grappling

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