Comparing Adams with Backus and Chapian

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Theory Comparisons 1 Comparing and Contrasting Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling with Hawkins Model For Guiding The Counseling Process Craig L. Rich Counseling 507 Dr. Evans Liberty University August 27, 2012 Comparing Theories 2 In this paper, I will discussing Crabb’s Effective Biblical Counseling (1977) and the Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process (n.d.). I will begin by describing each of these theories, than I will discuss their similarities and differences, and lastly, I will critique each of them. Hawkins Model for Guiding the Counseling Process…show more content…
Despite the similarities between the two theories there are also some differences. Hawkins (2006) uses concentric circles and theology to try and define the human being. Crabb (1977) on the other hand, uses a more psychologically based terminology along with scripture, to describe humans. Hawkins also describes that as therapists, we need to adapt to the preferences of the client. In Dr. Crabbs’ approach he says very little about adapting to the client but rather lays out a set of guidelines that are to be followed with all clients in basically the same way. Critique Of the Two Theories I believe that both theories have valid points and also contain ideas that I do not particularly agree with. I believe the fact that they are both based on scripture leaves out Comparing Theories 5 the possibility of using these theories in people who do not hold to the same beliefs as do Christians. In my opinion, neither of these two theories would be appropriate to use with this type of client. So in essence, these theories limit the kinds of individuals they can be applied. I also get the distinct feeling that both theories discredit psychology. Despite

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