Comparing Adolf Stalin And Adolf Hitler And Hitler

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Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are 2 notoriously known people in world history. Both Stalin and Hitler are known for the great number of deaths they have caused. Although both men have totally different reasons on why they killed so many people their ways of leadership are somewhat alike. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin both use propaganda as a technique to get people to support them. Using propaganda shows the public what they want to hear and see, even if it’s not true they use this method to trick people into thinking they are going to help and make life better for them. Nevertheless, this is a tactic that has worked for both leaders during their time. They would manipulate the truth to the people of their country to gain their trust.…show more content…
Hitler represented the Nazi party they wanted to kill off has many Jews as he could, they believed if they did this Germany would recovery from world war 1, also, they believed in a national community formed by so called racially pure people the Nazi party believed there should only be pure Germans. Blonde hair and blue-eyed Germans, they felt if you weren’t a pure German you weren’t a person. Furthermore, both leaders entered their reign of power very differently joseph Stalin’s ideas for his country where already widely known prior to his leadership. For that reason, becoming leader of the Soviet Union was not as difficult for joseph Stalin. Stalin gained his power within a month. Adolf Hitler on the other hand had way more difficulties gaining power then joseph Stalin did. Adolf’s fight for power and leader ship lasted almost 20 years. In addition to Adolf’s long fight for power, Adolf started from zero with his political ideas, half of the population did not agree with his views and ideas because they were in humane. In some ways their differences out way there, similarities. Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler are the names behind too of the greatest genocides. Both occurring in the 20th century. Each genocide has a striking number of deaths, Joseph Stalin has at least 2 million deaths on record. Stalin has killed far more
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