Comparing Alexander Hamilton's Conversation With The Education System

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There is no doubt that the economy and rights given to people is much different than what it was in the 1790s. While we have gained many privileges for the general public, we also made our economy focused on growth as well as being strong and mixed. Alexander Hamilton would be happier about the current American Society because our economy promotes trade, national banking, and manufacturing, while continuing to promote a line of privilege in our educational system. Education, one of the biggest disagreement between Hamilton and Jefferson. While Jefferson believed education should be open to the public, Hamilton viewed it as a privilege that only the “able” and rich should have access to. Even though today’s education is open to the public, there are many instances where people who do not have enough money or intelligence are not able to continue past high school. This is what Hamilton would compromise with because while everyone can attend school, it can be differentiated through …show more content…

He fought to have all rights open to everyone and public education was one of them. In today’s society schools are open to anyone living within a radius. Many say, because of this, that Jefferson would approve, but with the plethora of private high schools and universities comes a great divide. Nonetheless, Hamilton would be happier because of the private and most often high price college educations that are available to a select few. Since a lot of private and college educations are exuberantly expensive many “unable” people turn away from the thought of paying thousands of dollars. This will affect who is in power because typically higher education can and will lead to a better and more powerful job. Although anyone can run for a government position it is true that the American citizens will trust, respect, and most likely vote for one with a good

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