Comparing Alice In Wonderland And Home For Peculiar Children

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Kids always dream of a magical world where they get to do whatever they want and be whoever they want to be. Most of the time, they create these wonderlands to escape reality and the problems that they may be encountering in their real lives. In the films Alice in Wonderland and Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children, both main characters had a wonderland of their own that helped them cope with the struggles they endured. Alice created hers when she was a little girl. It gave her entertainment, which she did not have in her normal life. Jacob, on the other hand, had his grandfather create the wonderland for him out of all the stories that he was told. After analyzing the films, the similarities they have lie in the knowledge that they…show more content…
Jacob was treated as if he had some mental illness. While he did act like he was anxiety ridden— his parents and family members acted as if he needed to be treated like a child. They were always checking up on him and taking him to his psychiatrist. His peers also (according to his flashbacks) made fun of him in school. When Jacob arrived to the island, the teenagers there teased him and refused to hang out with him— which caused his father to be extra cautious with him. In Alice in Wonderland, however, everyone treated Alice like a token. Since she lived during a time period where girls were married off at a young age for wealth and social status at a young age, Alice’s mother groomed her to be a pretentious girl like everyone else in the town she lived in. Conversely, Alice was nothing like that. She craved adventure and wanted nothing more than to leave her life behind and start over. In summary, both Jacob and Alice were treated delicately. Someone was always telling them what to do and/or how to act— which caused them to crave something more
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