Comparing All In Ally, Halfway Harry, And Don T Care Dave

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For different people, there can be various types of ways to study and act in the classroom. Some people react differently to how the teachers approach the lesson. Although some cannot comprehend the complexity, others may understand it right off the bat. The different names for the types of students in the classroom are: All in Ally, Halfway Harry, and Don’t Care Dave. To say all students act and learn alike is utterly disappointing to those who fall under the categories of All in Ally, Halfway Harry, and Don’t Care Dave. All in Ally is the person who makes the good grades, studies constantly, and will probably do something big in the future. She is the person who takes every single note the teacher gives and maybe even makes some notes of her own just for extra practice. When it comes to paying…show more content…
Dave is the least favorite of the teachers. He is the student all the teachers talk about together after school, and all the teachers wish they could just pass to send him along to the next grade. He does not take any notes at all because he is too lazy. Dave does not even listen to the teacher because he does not care what the teacher has to say about the lessons. He is the student who tries to distract Ally and Harry and gets everybody off topic. He goofs around constantly with other students from bell to bell and occasionally falls asleep during class sometimes. Dave is the student who has to be moved to different seats all throughout the semester because he cannot stop talking to the other students in the room and distracting them. He does not study at all because he never pays attention in class long enough to write down any notes. Dave’s tendency to not care about studying or making good grades which results in him making mostly C’s, D’s, and F’s. Dave is not the type to bring home grades to his parents because he knows they will most likely not put the grades up on the refrigerator door for everyone to
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