Comparing Ammachi And Apacha

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When I go to my grandparents’ house, whom I call Ammachi and Appacha, I like to do word search puzzles with Appacha. Usually, before Appacha can find a word, I find all of the words. God has blessed me with fun grandparents that have talents they use to serve others and glorify God.
My grandparents have a lot of characters that I love about them. They are kind, loving, caring, giving, friendly, and generous. Ammachi and Appacha are so kind and loving because they ask how I’m doing and give me hugs when I leave. Ammachi also comforts me when I’m sad and makes delicious food for me when I’m hungry, while Appacha helps me with word search puzzles. My grandparents make sure that I am comfortable, welcome me into the house, and ask how I’ve been
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