Comparing Ancient Egypt And Sumer

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Arguably, two very impressive civilizations, Egypt and Sumer, took shape around the same time. This proximity provided them with remarkable similarities, yet a copious amount of differences still grew between the two areas. Largely due to their access to resources and environment, the communities grew in very different manners, which led to differences in political development, as well as their leaders, which in turn affected their overall success. In regards to Sumer, it flourished in the area of Mesopotamia, or as the Greeks called it, the “Land between Rivers” (Cole, et al 7). Specifically, these rivers were the Tigris and Euphrates. Despite being surrounded by waterways, Sumer existed in an extremely arid climate, which left the soil sandy and summer weather unbearably hot. The rivers presented a series of problems. Not only were the Tigris and Euphrates”noted for their violence and unpredictably”, but also “both were prone to flooding” (Cole, et al 7). Despite these adversities, Sumer still managed to grow into the “first urban society” (Cole, et al 7). Residents in this area quickly learned simply irrigation tactics, overtime these channels became more complex and allowed for decent farming. “They also constructed dikes and levees to control the seasonal flooding” (Cole, et al 8). As the Sumerians learned how to control the environmental elements that challenged them, the population in the urban areas began to grow. Specifically, by 3100 B.C.E., the area of Uruk had…
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