Comparing Ancient Rome And Ancient Greece In The Aeneid And The Odyssey

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In reading The Aeneid and The Odyssey, we learn many different things. We learn how different Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece were, but also how similar they were. Reading the different viewpoints from Homer and Virgil we learn about heroic tales of Aeneas and Ulysses. We also learn about the intervention of the gods and fate. No individual is in control of his or her own life. Every individual in the ancient times life was controlled entirely by the gods and/or fate. Sometimes the gods and fate would use mortals as play things, used to anger each other or to help each other.
Virgil is a poet known for his epic poem The Aeneid. He was born in 70BC as a peasant and raised on a farm. Many of his poems were influenced by his rural upbringing. While he grew up Rome was in ruins, he hated the instability and the fact that farms fell into neglect because farmers were forced into the war, and he wanted the countryside to be beautiful again. He became famous because of his poems and before The Aeneid was published he was a member of the Roman elite. Once Augustus became ruler of Rome, Virgil began writing The Aeneid to tell the story of his “ideal” Rome. Virgil was to travel to Greece to work on The Aeneid for an additional three years, but caught a fever and returned to Italy. He subsequently died shortly thereafter and was unable to complete the final edits of the poem. Virgil was regarded by the Romans as their national poet.
Homer (c. 750 BCE) was an epic poet who composed The

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