Comparing Ancient Vs. Ancient Philosophers

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In comparing ancient skeptics Titus Lucretius Carcus and Wang Ch’ung they come from two different backgrounds one of higher education another that had no former learning or training yet have great theories of mythology and philosophy of what was to be or could be in a person life. Special fears that shaped their lives and caused them to be superstitious and even skeptical in the way they lived their own lives. Skepticism is considered “is an attitude of doubting the truth of something, such as a claim or statement.” (Webster Dictionary, 2016). Titus Lucretius Carcus was “well educated Roman” (R. Latham, 1951). Yet had many different superstitions in belief that is was caused by “the darkness of the mind brought about superstitions fears should be scattered by a dispassionate view of the inner law of nature.” (R. Latham, 1951). Let us look at some of his philosophy to see and understand him a little better in why he was skeptical in nature. One of his philosophy was the theory on the fear of death was that the people should fear sickness and famine rather than that of the grave or life after. That is not the “parts of the body that support life, but the wind the life giving wind that leaves our body that is death.” (R. Latham, 1951). Wang Ch’ung believed that in death the body becomes” unconscious like unto sleep where the body does not react to anything happening around it.” (A.Forke, 1907). Also upon death the body has “five parts and when these parts are uninjured then
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