Comparing And Contrasting Christianity And Islam

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Comparing and Contrasting Christianity and Islam Religion is a guide to live a life that offers a fixed set of morals, as well as something to hold onto in times of misfortune and remarkable miracles. It is something that one will always grasp for, obey, and learn from as they carry on with their everyday lives. Christianity, which stands as the most practiced religion in the world, and Islam, which stands second, both portray how something that starts off so small can grow to enormous proportions and bring abundant rejoice and enlightenment to ones life. Christianity and Islam differ from each other because one bases its beliefs on the Bible while the other focuses on the Qur’an. One also has seven layers of Hell, while the other does not. The two are similar because they have analogous outlines of how the human race should live; for Christianity it is the Ten Commandments and for Islam it is the Five Pillars. Another way they are similar is that both have judgment take place after death occurs. The writing of the Bible took many years and multiple authors to portray the teachings of God. On the other hand, Muhammad individually recorded the Qur’an — the holy book of Islam. Though Muhammad recorded the Qur’an, God was the one that told him what should be written. Having said this, the two differ immensely. Firstly, Christians believe that Jesus was resurrected from the dead after three days. Muslims, on the other hand, believe that
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