Essay on Comparing And Contrasting Jesus And Mohammad

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Comparing and contrasting Jesus and Mohammed

Jesus & Mohammed

Jesus and Muhammad are two very different individuals that have kind of a similar history and at the same time a very different history. They both break off from an established religion and started their own. They had been banished by the other religions and the cities they lived in. Most religions are thought to be separate and different than any other religions. As one reads more into different religions, I saw that many of them are bits and pieces of a prior religion. These two individuals are from different religions and have done some similar things and have more things in common than are known. The earliest available records of the life of Jesus are the
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The teachings of Jesus focused primarily on the "the kingdom of God" and were usually relayed through parables drawing on familiar images from agricultural life. He rebuked the hypocrisy of some Jewish leaders and taught the importance of love and kindness, even to one's enemies. Jesus' popularity grew quickly, but so did opposition from local leaders. Roman rulers were uncomfortable with the common perception that he was the Messiah who would liberate the Jews from Roman rule, while Jewish leaders were disquieted by Jesus' shocking interpretations of Jewish law, his power with the people, and the rumor that he had been alluding to his own divinity. In the Gospels, Jesus repeatedly suggests to his disciples his end is near, but they do not fully understand or accept the idea. The clearest expression of this is at the "Last Supper," which took place on the night before his death. All four Gospels record that Jesus shared bread and wine with his disciples, asking them to "do this in remembrance of me." Christians celebrate this event in the sacrament of the Eucharist, or Communion. On this evening Jesus also predicts that one of them will betray him, which is met with astonishment and denial. But that very night, Jesus' fate was sealed when Judas Iscariot, one of his disciples and possibly the group's treasurer, led Roman soldiers to Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. As they arrested Jesus, the ever-colorful Peter defended his master with a sword, slicing off

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