Comparing And Contrasting Waterfall Vs. Agile

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each methodology, comparing and contrasting Waterfall vs. Agile and discuss how each method might be applied to the fulfillment center at the small pharmaceutical company where I work; Vertical Pharmaceuticals in Sayreville, New Jersey. Lastly, I will provide my reasoning on which method is better suited to the Vertical warehouse environment and why. The Waterfall methodology, which has been used since the 1970’s and is sometimes referred to as the traditional approach to software development, is based on following a rigid, sequential, start-to-finish tactic; following a series of very specific steps at each stage. 1. Requirements 2. Design 3. Implementation/Coding 4. Testing 5. Maintenance. With Waterfall, each previous stage is completed…show more content…
In addition, defining requirements can be difficult and sometimes early assumptions are flawed. Some opponents of Waterfall argue that it is impossible to fully understand the system requirements until the development phase and that some performance issues cannot be predicted or are not evident until the testing phase. Waterfall is not well-suited for custom software projects that rely heavily on continuous customer feedback and changing needs because communication and collaboration is not always stressed; once the requirements are established, the customer may have little contact with the development team until delivery. (Chatterjee, 2010) Because Waterfall projects are not based upon small iterations that can be easily and promptly modified, occasionally critical errors are found in the late stages of a Waterfall software development project that require scrapping the project and starting over; a very costly and disappointing result. Another negative is that some programmers believe that Waterfall is out-of-date and that it does not accommodate for the unknown factors that are a constant challenge in designing leading edge technology. Developers who abide by

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