Comparing And Similarities Between Judaism And Christianity

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Comparison of Two Religions: Judaism and Christianity
In this essay I will be discussing to what extent Christianity is a completely different religion from Judaism. Both religions may have similarities and differences across a variety of aspects, however this essay will focus on the belief systems of each religion. I will do this by first drawing on the similarities amongst the two religions followed by the differences.
Like all Western religions, Judaism and Christianity are religions with monotheistic views which is the belief that there is only one God. In Christianity, God is believed to be merciful. This theme is often assumed as being monopolized by Christianity, however it is not the only religion. In Judaism, a list in the Exodus (the second book of the Hebrew Bible) called the Thirteen Attributes of Mercy also expresses this theme. Although Christianity and Judaism function as separate religions, important parts of its histories which both religions do not deny of, are the same. Individuals such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, and Moses are in both Christian and Jewish teachings. Adam and Eve are seen as the primal human parents who disobeyed God by eating the forbidden fruit. Abraham is accepted as the father of Hebrews and Moses as the law-giver who presented the Torah. Before Christianity was established, the first Christians including Jesus were Jewish. The first Christians studied the Jewish Bible (now call the old testament by Christians) which explains why
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